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Danielle – Orange Suede Boot
15th October 2019
Verity – White & Cobalt Blue Boot
23rd October 2019
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Toby – Orange


Toby – Orange – quirky any time  show stopper!

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A quirky  orange feature handbag.  the orange Bag is an any time show stopper! An essential to stand out from the crowd whilst blending in.

The statement is yours to make.

Will allow your outfit to pop with style.  The beauty is in the unfolding  fastening.

Limited edition piece, don’t leave it too late.

Revealed in 3 powerful steps how to create YOUR casual ‘dress Code’ without breaking the ban£. Imagine dressing, looking & feeling a million dollar$ & turning heads every day.

Download YOUR free ‘dress Code’ PDF by completing the pop-up on our website.