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26th April 2019
Anya –
26th April 2019
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Tilly – Light Toffee


Tilly, soft neck wrap with diamante loop.


Coral soft wrap with Pearl trim . It’s not, but does a very good job of feeling like cashmere. Will fold and drape over your body like a star.

Wear with caution! Everyone will fall in love with you in this soft to touch glamorous oversize wrap.

Don’t be too conventional wearing this showstopper!

Wear with, let’s think… everything, mix with White & Navies.

Pearl is a chic cover-up for over formal dresses or can carry off a floppy hat, jeans & boots for a totally casual stargazing event

Revealed in 3 powerful steps how to create YOUR casual ‘dress Code‘ without breaking the ban£. Imagine dressing, looking & feeling a million dollar$ & turning heads every day.

Download YOUR free ‘dress Code‘ PDF by completing the pop-up on our website

Please wash this item with care.