Lazy Cow – Best Ever Chocolate Brownie

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22nd March 2020
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31st March 2020
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Lazy Cow – Best Ever Chocolate Brownie

Best Ever Chocolate Brownie


Makes: 10 big bars or as many small ones as you want…

Prep: 20 mins

Cooking: 40/45 mins

Eating: lightspeed




4 Eggs

450 gms Caster Sugar

450 gms Margarine

225 gms Plain Flour

170 gms Cocoa Powder ( don’t use drinking chocolate as it’s not pure chocolate)

2 handfuls of chocolate chips




Break the eggs into a mixing bowl with the sugar, if using an electric mixer set it on high, if not mix vigorously with a whisk.

In a small saucepan melt the margarine, try not to let it boil!

Add the melted margarine to the eggs & sugar and mix well  turning off the mixer when adding the margarine!

Sieve the flour & cocoa powder into the mixture and mix well, add a handful of chocolate chips

Transfer into a square cake tin or square silicon mould and sprinkle the rest of the choc chips on top

Bake at 160c for approx 45 mins, test with a skewer at 40 mins.

leave to cool if you can before cutting!



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