Lazy Cow – Way back when we were calves

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23rd January 2020
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3rd April 2020
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Lazy Cow – Way back when we were calves


To support, educate & provide nutritional family recipes created with care & budget consideration for everyone who loves homemade food.

‘Lazy Cow – Recipes, Menus & Shopping Lists’ is the trademark of the community collaboration of Luton based, Susan Mackay & Pearl Cuffy.

Both Domestic Goddess’ as far back as when Domestic Science was a School subject!

Susan has worked in the corporate hospitality sector clocking up years of experience, depth and knowledge, working within tight budgets often managing kitchens delivering in excess of 200 covers daily. Never happier when Scottish produce & style of cooking peeps over the pan.


Pearl has provided home cooking to a private arena, always with a nod to her heritage of SVG. Spice, flavour & texture at the heart of her story. Food is offered before greetings!

The core values are to eliminate processed, high sugar, high salt, high fat content menus. Replacing with correct seasoning, spices, herbs & taste.


Balanced cooking. Calorie measured. Taste is King

Recipes to promote wellness 

Cupboard essentials

Spilling the beans

Fast food versus fast menus

1 pot cooking

Tight budget meals, stretching menus to the limit

£15 a week menu shopping basket

Going off, get going menus

Encouraging eating as a family, eating for pleasure & food at the heart of the day.

One things for sure, we sure gotta eat so we may as well make it once & make it good!

S&P are passionate about food, believing it is a human right to experience soul food to savour  everyday.


Quick on the ‘go BreakFAST’

Nearly free lunch

Dinner time stretch

Value Snax

Ends. Menus, Recipes & Shopping Lists available on request






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