Jewellery by JaS

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Jewellery by JaS

Jewellery by JaS

Inspired by the cosmos we have curated a collection of easy to wear must have pieces for you our clients.

Heart ‘n Stars are at the centre of the dazzling soul of life.

Some tips on wearing from our collection.


Warm undertones will appreciate rose gold metals, they complement the richness and twany complexions.

Cool undertones are most suited to silver, white gold & platinum metals.

You are in luck lovely readers we have durable, affordable silver plated hypoallergenic pieces.

With a scoop neck top or dress wear a necklace above the neckline, it will flatter, the piece & draw attention to a finished look.

High necklines look amazing with long necklaces to allow the jewellery to feature and not compete with your stunning decollage.


No such thing as too much pearls! layer strings of pearls to create a  classic Chanel silhouette.

Wear dropped earings with an aysmetric neckline a necklace will detract from the graphic effect.


If you have a curvy shape with a full bust be carful not to wear a chain necklace with a heavy pendant, the jewellery will bounce against your abdomen creating an annoying swing effect.

If you find yourself crouched over a lap top for most of the day, again long necklaces & pendants can dangle & get in the way.


V shape neckline look amazing with light  chains and a heavier pendant to draw the attention to just above the v of the top or dress. A bunched up rounded layer of beads seldom complement a v neckline.


Soft materials need softer jewellery.

Edgy outfits will look funky with statement structured pieces.


If you like wearing gems in your jewellery make sure they are from your base & harmony colours!!

A well chosen piece of jewellery can make an out fit pop.

Why do we love hearts & stars?

An emblem of love

A  symbol one oneness

An everlasting need to reach up to the sky for inspiration

The wonder of life


A piece of jewellery describes specifically how you feel about yourself

A piece of jewellery as a gift describes how you feel about another

Nothing beats like a heart !


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