How to establish your undertone

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15th December 2019
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21st December 2019
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How to establish your undertone

Imagine looking, feeling & dressing a million dollar$ & turning heads every day.

We reveal in 3 steps – How to create your casual, stylish, chic, colour co-ordinated wardrobe within minutes, without breaking the ban£.

Timeless advice on how find your true authentic style through blending & co-ordinating with your personal flattering colours.

Please note the contents if adhered to will instantly change your image!


Establish your undertone

Finding your authentic undertone  can take you to a style platform you have either not realised, forgotten about or are just tuning into!
Let nature decide where you sit.

“You look amazing in that colour, it really suits you”, it’s a fabulous compliment that you must value. It’s also inevitable, it’s nature peeking into your life and letting you know where to go for your colour palette, make-up & clothes.

Let’s explore your colouring. How to identify your true authentic GeM.
To establish our own undetone is quite simple. A few practical tests will soon put you on your way to always choosing the right colours for yourself, every time.

To establish where your undertone fits, drape a yellow piece of fabric over your neck and jawline, making sure your face is naked of all traces of makeup. Use natural light to give an accurate reflection.

If your complexion glows and comes to life and you look brighter, you are most definitely a warm base tone.
Warm & wonderful!

Now if by doing the above test with a blue piece of material, if you glow and look healthier, your skin tone is cool.
Cool & collected!

Try using both colours to reassure yourself of this theory!


No material to hand? Hold the palm of your hand up facing you. Look at the colour of your veins, if you observe yellowish or greenish veins your undertone is warm.

If the veins are a purplish/blueish colour you have a cool undertone.
Does your skin tone naturally just kill yellow gold jewellery, making it look cheap & brassy? (I do! My Celtic skin de-values the most precious golds). Leave these accessories to warm tones.

If you look amazing with white gold, silver & platinum – I think you’ve cracked it now, you are cool toned.


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