dress by GeM Colour Coach

What’s next?

Well first & foremost you’ve found us!  We invite you to enter our colourful world & train online to be a personal colour coach in 7 modules!

We are Jacky & Susan owners of a Ladies Boutique dress by JaS & Ben. Through instinct, study & debate we have created a unique personal colour image system dress by GeM Colour.  We are delighted to take to market to share with you the opportunity to train in this system.


Our online training dress by GeM Colour course will assist, support & create an independent colour image business opportunity.







Your time in COLOUR  is Now!



Colour is an instant confidence boost in real time & heightens  memories for  future history. We invite you to learn the language of a colour as the first style solution.

We have consolidated & combined a strong visual sense with the ability to translate colour & style concepts & train people like you.

Colour & clothes are the first non-verbal conversation with the world. We are all  telling a story to others before we speak.

We have  an authentic deep rooted  passion  to support ladies translate colour & style positively into their lives. We have gained substantial  knowledge over the years @ the Golden Boutique & understand the instant impact & influence by creating the most flattering  colour palette into ladies lives releasing their inner Goddess.

You are possibly reading this because you already know you want, need & desire more.



Why train with us?

  • Developed by Colour Fashionistas – that’s us!
  • We have coached Colour Styling  to Ladies time & time again in our own Boutique
  • Unique online GeM colour library with hundreds of inspirational colour combination suggestions for your clients
  • Train at your individual pace
  • Supportive ongoing contact from us
  • Additional professional business modules
  • Thought provoking worksheets to complete in your timescale
  • No pressure to achieve targets – it’s your business!
  • No ongoing license fees


Our  partnership’s driving force is to support ladies ‘how to look, feel & dress,  like a million dollar$, turn head every day, without breaking the ban£’ with colour at the heart of our landscape.

Our ambitions run high – dress like you belong everywhere! Is our  goal for every  lady we connect with.

It is time to release Your  power of colour!



Years of study & passion has driven us the stylish duo to create a system & develop  a unique to market ladies colour analysis ‘dress by GeM Colour’ – This bespoke service @ the Golden Boutique where we are  SME award finalists has engaged, improved & had immense influence on the confidence of our discerning clients. We regards as being the signature of our colourful careers.

You look amazing today, that colour really suits you, but why does is? It’s natures way of peeking over your shoulder directing you to the colours that enhance your natural features. Become fully trained in a technique that delves deep into personal colour image analysis.

Colour your world & create your future history today. Develop your Influence & Power of Impact. Your time to train is NOW!

Contact us for further information @ the Golden Boutique or via email dressbyjas@gmail.com or book a discovery call on 077587 67516 or  Enrol NOW!









Your training has been created & developed by us energetic, dynamic  commercial  professionals, with excellent interpersonal & progressive coaching skills. Confident & concise communicators able to deliver enthusiastic conceptual high level online course with clarity.

We have experienced high adoption from clients to establish & gain immediate traction into their new wardrobe collection & have led impressive profile commercial launches achieving peak audience levels.

Our approach is exact yet relaxed.  Your online training  is designed for you to train @ your pace &  fall into your  lifestyle!

Colour is self confidence applied directly to the individual!

We want to release our vision &  proven ability to champion  a congruent colour concept with a branded  tone of voice & high visual impact marketing touch-points.

Create your future history today learn the language of a colour stylist  & train to impact others.

Train now if…

  • If you feel you have colour intuitive untapped skills
  • You enjoy to study @ your own pace with no pressure
  • 7 modules  to  running your own branded colour business
  • Making connection with ladies who need your advise, support & build  their self esteem & confidence
  • It’s  time to invest in your colour image business –  future proof your potential & connect with your tribe!
  • Purchase colour scarves at your leisure
  • Return on investment with just 11 appointments!

Your ideal clients could include…

  • Corporate clients
  • Private clients
  • Friends & Family
  • Advise for Bridal parties
  • Social Networks
  • Recruitment & Head Hunters
  • Associations

Your time is precious train online in Colourful Company!