dress by Appointment


dress by JaS & Ben are delighted to invite you along with up to 6 friends to an exclusive preview event

dress by appointment.


Our approach is simple; relaxed, soft, ‘luxe vibe’ collection relaxing into your busy lifestyle!

Perhaps just like you our fashion influences are far & wide. Possibly stemming back to bygone eras – iconic movie stars, models & in our case our mammy.

The styles and memories evoke nostalgia & a need to look back and reflect.

Established to complement all skin tones, all shapes all sizes, we have a truly eclectic philosophy on all things,

dresses, ponchos, wraps, tops,  jewellery, scarves, handbags, boots & sandals, skirts, trousers, jackets

If staying in is the new going out, is black in or out?

Staying on trend in a life where you almost need to ‘audition’ at the door, is becoming a bore.

Have a blast with lifes’  luxuries draped around you. Feel the comfort of our velvet cushions to surround you. Take advantage of our own generous mixologist, invite a few friends who know the score, want, need & desire more. You  deserve the finest of things, we’ve made the fashion mistakes, & need not no more!!

Style your friends, watch them swirl and flounce, pour the  GIN have a great GNI ! 

Your time is precious, so spend it in good company!

Exclusive out of hours ‘dress by appointment’   days/times;

Tue-Fri 9am -11am or 4pm – 6pm

What to expect @ dress by appointment

  • Arrival at your convenience for the time booked
  • Parking is available in North Street, LU7 1EN, also paid for car parks near by
  • Welcome chilled Prosecco
  • Introductions
  • Preview of JaS & Ben collection, opportunity to try garments on in privacy, opportunity to drape with your friends!
  • Add your name to data base for JaS Note emails
  • Complimentary 15 minute colour analysis to establish your GeM 


Join us @ The Golden Boutique, relax, we have you covered