A Boutique of your ‘own’? – dress by Appointment

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9th October 2019
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15th December 2019
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A Boutique of your ‘own’? – dress by Appointment


A Boutique of your own? Host a private event with friends & fizz


dress by JaS & Ben


Our approach is simple; casual, soft, ‘luxe vibe’ collection relaxing into your busy lifestyle!

Perhaps just like you our fashion influences are far & wide. Possibly stemming back to bygone eras – iconic movie stars, models & in our case our mammy.

The styles and memories evoke nostalgia & a need to look back and reflect.


Established to complement all skin under tones, all shapes all sizes, we have a truly eclectic philosophy on all things,

dresses, ponchos, wraps, tops, jewellery, scarves, trousers, handbags, boots & sandals!


If staying in is the new going out, is black in or out?
Staying on trend in a life where you almost need to ‘audition’ at the door, is becoming a bore.

Have a blast with lifes’ luxuries draped around you. Feel the comfort of our velvet cushions to surround you. Take advantage of our own generous mixologist, invite a few friends who know the score, want, need & desire more. You deserve the finest of things, we’ve made the fashion mistakes, & need not no more!!

Style your friends, watch them swirl and flounce, pour the GIN have a great GNI !

Your time is precious, so spend it in good company!


Exclusive out of hours ‘dress by Appointment’ available:
Tuesday -Friday

What to expect @ dress by appointment

 Arrival at your convenience for the time booked
 Parking is available in North Street, LU7 1EN, also car parks near by
 Welcome chilled Prosecco served to you

Preview of JaS & Ben collection, opportunity to try garments on in    privacy, opportunity to flounce about in front of your friends!

Complimentary invitation for 15 minute consultation to  establish your unique GeM colour code and suggested harmony colours to suit your personality, style and colouring.


Events are held for a minimum of 5 clients



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