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3rd April 2020
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Get the buzz from shopping!


The journey to creating the company was uncomplicated, as it was organic.

A decision was made to set up our company with Ben concentric to the business.

Dress by JaS & Ben Jacky & Susan & Ben was conceived. Incidentally Ben is a jack Russell.

Our passion has always been image, colour, fashion & clothes.

Our influences are far & wide perhaps stemming back to bygone eras, of the 60’s & 70’S, movie stars & models.

With our formal days behind us, our collection is relaxed, soft, chic, with a Luxe vibe,   falling into our clients busy lifestyles.

We curate our collection as an affordable solution for our clan
of ladies.

Colour & clothes are our first non-verbal conversation with the world. You’re telling your story of yourself to others before you speak.

Imagine, dressing, looking, feeling, a million dollar$ & turning heads every day! Without, breaking the ban£. We are that solution.

Our 3 step take on colour, ‘dress by Gem’,  will transform your image so you will feel confident every day. By creating  a Co-ordinating wardrobe with your true authentic colour palette.

You look amazing today, that colour really suits you. But why does is? Its natures way of peeking over your shoulder directing you to the colours that enhance your natural features.

Place  the yellow and then the blue material under your face and ask the person next to you to tell you which colour brightens & radiates your appearance,  even make you look a fresher version of yourself.


Not convinced…

Have a look at your veins on your wrist, what colour are they?  This will determine your undertone.

Are your veins Greenish/yellow?

do you have a twany, peachy, yelowy skin?

Hair is reddish or golden highlights?

You have a warm undertone.

Or are your veins a blueish/purple colour?

Is your skin pinkish/blue?

That indicates a cool undertone.


So do we all know where we belong?



We reveal through instinct, study & debate the  3 steps to look amazing every time you dress.


  1. Decide on your Gem

  2. Use your Base colours

  3. Co-ordinate Harmony colours


We created some time ago, dress by Gem

Jet, Jade, Aquamarine, Amber


Jets can be dramatic, bold, deep with rich jewel tones. Clear, bright vivid & icy.

Hair: is ash, dark brown, bluish black,  Platinum & grey.

Eyes: are green, blue, dark brown & violet, bright & with deep pigments.

Skin: is  striking alabaster, natural beige & black.

Base colours:

Raven, Charcoal, Berries & Midnight.

Jet base colours can be worn with some dramatic, intense, icy, harmony colours. Pinks, pillar box red, turquoises, pure white, electric blue, & a primary yellow.

A perfect example is Liz Taylor, Katherine Zeta Jones.


On the same vein, literally,  our cool sisters – Aquamarine – have softer, more elegant,smoky, dusty & delicate vibe.

Hair: is light ash blonde to  ash brown.

Eyes: are Soft, pale, blue  & lightest of brown eyes.



Base colours: are French Navy, Chocolate, Dove Grey & white chocolate.

Harmony colours:  denim blues, periwinkle, soft greys, rose pinks, apple greens, caramel. Lavender, lilacs.

Think a classic English Rose.


The warm Gem, Amber is amazing

They are rich, warm, vibrant & earthy & burnished in appearance.

Hair: golden shades of blonde, rich chestnuts, reddish shades

Eyes: are hazel, blue & green

Skin: is  soft yellow, warmish  undertones.


Base colours: are Midnight, Green, Tans & mustard ochre.

Harmony colours: are oranges, tangerines, warm purples, peacock blue, burnt out reds. Corals.


Jade:  is a vivid gem, lively, fresh,  zesty looking. Clear, bright warm & light.

Eyes: typically blue & green.

Hair: is brown, golden blonde with red highlights.

Skin: is peachy, light ivory or warm black. The undertone Bright & yellow.


Base colours: include Cinnamon, bright Navy, Caramel & Green

Harmony colours:  bright corals, tans, peach, bright blue & warm pinks.


Base colours, for us, are the foundation of your wardrobe. All high ticket price items need to be in your base colour.

If you get this right your wardrobe will fall into place. The look will be polished, effortless & easy.


Get your base colours wrong it automatically means the rest of your harmony colours just wont co ordinate! & the cries of I’ve got nothing to wear, no wonder nothing matches.


Please stay away from mixing  base colours, why? Well quite frankly its dull as dish water, you will disappear, just lacks any effort or investment, looks highly dull, unimaginative & clumsy.


For best effect wear your killer harmony colours  nearest to your neckline to brighten your face.


Just don’t be tempted to buy bargains that will never suit you.

You’ll end up never wearing them,  begrudge giving to your friend & having to watch them look stunning,  chucked into your charity bag,  taking up space in your wardrobe, glaring at you daring you to wear them.


Top tips

Nude shoes elongate legs by 4 inches, fact


Black shoes do not look good with coloured dresses,    wear metallics or the dress colour


Black not everyone can wear black, heard it before, its because its true, its not safe to wear it its can dangerously make you look washed out.

Discover your body shape & dress for it – be a mistress of misdirection


Universally orange is the most flattering colour for swimwear

Baggy top, fitted bottoms, baggy bottom, fitted top!- create a shape

Fall in love with your gem- Aquamarine, Amber, Jade or Jet & Wear your Gem base colours & co ordinate with your harmony colours

Be mindful where the garment off cuts off, if its at your widest point that’s where the eye is drawn to, so Jackets longer than your bottom, if that’s your widest point. Trousers longer than your calf, unless you are Audrey Hepburn 7-8ths rarely look good

White sneakers – gotta lovem

Don’t buy into the lie that style & dressing well is materialism


Its not about clothes its about confidence

Its not about being cool

Its about identity & your personality

Its not about buying more

Its actually about buying less, wisely

Its not about fashion

Its about feeling fabulous


Our retail space has been sympathetically re-fitted with a ‘Luxe Vibe’ & nod to glamour.  Presenting garments in an informal ambience, where clients can browse, drape, admire themselves in their favourite colours. Refreshments are served. All the garments are named. Imagine the process!


Dress by Appointment is what we are looking for ladies who desire the privacy to shop in their time with friends, draping, flouncing & admiring themselves with prosecco!

Is there a need for structured power dressing? Not as an entrepreneur. You are a Goddess be your true authentic self.


Don’t allow your wardrobe landscape be diluted by the repetition of mistakes.

Why wouldn’t you dress to your potential – Afterall it takes The same effort to dress well as it takes not to.


We offer 15 min complimentary colour analysis @ the Boutique to assist you on your way, contact us.


tip number 10 I digressed,

Join us at dress by JaS & Ben… where the gin is cold & the piano is hot & all that jazz


When will you dress by JaS & Ben















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