dress TIPS by JaS & Ben

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28th June 2018
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19th July 2019
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dress TIPS by JaS & Ben

dress TIPS by JaS & Ben

Become a dress Master of Misdirection.   Powerful steps on how to create a stylish wardrobe. Our philosophy is simple, feel stunning, every day

Use balance & proportion to disguise & misdirect

Reveal & profile the areas of absolute gorgeousness, limiting the more challenging parts of your body. drape over your jelly belly, wrap over necklines to emphasise a great boob, take the eye down by wearing longer tops, jumpers & scarves.

Secret dress Code
A few no, no, no!
Sheer tights with a fine knit or chunky knit dress is a no no, the contrast in material feels & looks wrong. It’s two contrasting seasons fighting for prominence. Chunky wool tights or opaque tights are the only answer!

Black tailored trousers and a nice top? Its a fallacy. Sorry ladies, there’s rarely such thing. If separates are your preference, be imaginative.

Black kills most colours due to absorbing the colour and neutralising the desired look. Leave black trousers to uniforms, functional, practical – ideal

Wear metallic or matching strappy sandals with cocktail dresses.

Black shoes with coloured dresses is the antithesis of bad wardrobe planning.

Metallics, shine and sparkle add glamour, enhance & reflect the dress colour.

Leggings under a size 12 – do what you want, the world is your one big jegging, legging jamboree – just please no camel toe…

Anything over a size 12 requires a two-inch warning. Only acceptable between a longer tunic, top or jumper when tucked into long boots – flat or high. But only two inches of leggings, we know this to our detriment. Leggings show no mercy. Avoid mid-calf length leggings they cut at the thickest part of the leg and emphasise this area.

Boobies need v-necks like ducks need water, but just a bit more. High necks will give you a shelf appearance.

No rucksacks with big boobies – nobody needs that extra baggage. A hand held handbag is far more flattering to bring the eye line down & lengthen the look. Boobs are great so let them feature in a gorgeous way.

Layering is the secret to clever styling. Light coats are necessary for a casual look, drape wraps over knitwear. Knee length coats and jackets are often a better solution.

Jelly belly, it’s a badge of life, best kept in firm holding knickers! Give your silhouette a chance for a smooth definition and clothes will flow over instead of clinging showing the bulges. Be wobble free with swagger stomach.

No big boobs, no worries, backs are also sensual. A low-cut dress draping down to the waistline is a total showstopper, elegant & timeless – err … did we mention perhaps drop the bra – now that would be a disaster.

Don’t mix your metallics, silver embellishments on your jumper? use silver jewellery.

Metallics, silver, platinum, steel, pewter, are a cool colour & gold, rose gold, bronze or – god forbid – brass are warm shades.

Animal skin. Oh yes, we all love animal print, don’t mix too many together, one piece is good, 5 is not quite as subtle.

We look forward to hearing from you

With love

JaS & Ben xxx







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