Wardrobe de-clutter

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24th July 2019
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Wardrobe de-clutter

Steps to a wardrobe de-clutter


1.  Make 3 piles,

1st refer to a friend , 2nd charity,  3rd sell, sell sell

2.  Re-categorize your wardrobe format

Decide what suits the size of the wardrobe space & decide to: Colour co ordinate,

by occasion or per garment style, all trousers together, all dresses, all knitwear

3.  Identify your lifestyle

Do you still need structured  work clothes? do you still use sportswear? do casual days out  number more formal occasions? should black be cut to the minimum now you’ve moved to the country? – (greens, berries the occasional midnight are always received well) Casual weekend breaks with lots of layers ? Brunches with the girls (ok Ladies!) where you always want to look your casual best but blend in?



Imagine a wardrobe that’s so appealing, where everything has a place and you never have to struggle in order to squeeze an extra hanger in?

Some people (us) do actually have wardrobes like this – and it not only makes putting things away easier, it also means less stress trying to plan a look together every morning.  Plan your outfits for the week, or at least for the next day.

Just follow our essential dress rules for de-cluttering your wardrobe.

How often have you discovered an item in your wardrobe that you’d completely forgotten you owned? The answer is probably all too often; Are your clothes so tightly packed in drawers and wardrobes it’s impossible to actually see each item. Clothes need to breathe!


Unfortunately, the only way to solve this (other than buy a bigger house) is to get rid of as many clothes as possible, in order for your remaining garments to become visible and therefore get worn, not forgotten.

A top tip for doing this is to go through all your clothes and only keep items which you actually wear.  We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time!! You may have too much?

Consider letting go of anything which is difficult to wear, for example because it needs to be ironed every five minutes or requires a particular type of underwear you don’t even own.


Finally, look at what you have multiples of and narrow this down – for example, if you have six ‘useful’ white T-shirts, bin any that are greying or scruffy.


One excuse we frequently use for hoarding possessions is sentimental value. Maybe it’s the dress you wore on your first date with your partner.

While it’s completely understandable that you may want to hold on to one or two items forever, indeed  we have a black silk crepe lined jacket belonging to our late mother, its not going anywhere!! that said, it’s important not to over  use the word ‘sentimental’ as an excuse.

Would your granny’s old fur coat be more useful  finding new life after being picked up by a stylish student at a charity shop? Remember there’s excitement to be found in giving clothes a whole new life. http://www.ageduk.co.uk

There are limited days a year when it’s sunny enough to wear your strappy dresses, so having them take up a sizeable chunk of your wardrobe just doesn’t make sense.

If you have the luxury of space seasonally organizing your wardrobe is a fab solution.

Create a holiday section, full of items like costumes, sun hats and floaty summer dresses which you only wear on holiday.


Special occasion frocks can be stored away from your everyday wardrobe – after all, a ballgown takes up a significant amount of room, and probably only gets limited outings.

One of the highlights of  a wardrobe  de-stress  is that you can actually cherish and protect your clothes properly. So first clean the entire inside of the wardrobe & chest of drawers, ideally using natural cleaning products. https://norwex.co.uk


Avoid wire hangers – these will misshape your clothes – instead choose  hangers  such as non slip velvet covered  – wooden hangers can be very bulky but do look super stylish.  https://dunelm.com

Finally, make sure you don’t let your wardrobe get out of hand again; you could try a ‘one in one out’ policy or just start a regular de-stress to ensure that your essential collection sparkles glitters & features every time they are worn!


Our contact sheet for de-stressing life:








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