Base Colours – step 2

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21st December 2019
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22nd December 2019
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Base Colours – step 2

Imagine looking, feeling & dressing a million dollar$ & turning heads every day.

We reveal step 2  – How to create your casual, stylish, chic, colour co-ordinated wardrobe within minutes, without breaking the ban£.


AquamarinE Base  Colours                            JeT Base Colours



JaseE Base Colours                                         AmbeR Base Colours


Base colours should be the foundation of your overall colour code.  Use the base colours identified from your GeM  & co ordinate with the harmony colours from your individual  GeM palette.

Try not to mix base colours it will give a very muted, dull look!


Buy high ticket price pieces  in one of your base colours, Coats, jackets, boots, wraps, handbags. Underpin with harmony colours.


Three steps to dressing like you  belong everywhere!

1. GeM

2. Base Colour

3. Harmony Colours



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